Alexander Dubovskiy

Alexander Dubovskiy

Dubovsky Alexander Nikolaevich, was born in Ukraine in 1959. In 1879 he graduated from the art school. In 1980 he moved to Moscow, where he lives with his wife Nina, children and grandchildren, and began working full time. Alexander developed his own recognizable handwriting in the technique of impressionism. The theme of his Artworks is urban and natural landscape. In urban landscapes, the artist depicts the life of cities, changing and transforming depending on the season and weather.

In the Landscapes of Dubovsky you can find night landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, streets in cloudy and rainy weather, or vice versa, illuminated by bright midday sunlight. “In my paintings, I convey the movement on the streets, life, people striving somewhere. I love making landscapes of the past centuries, and this is a historical monument that takes all of us into the past. I see architecture, especially ancient architecture, like the frozen music of the Universe, and that inspires me, ”says Alexander.

In 2000 he joined the Moscow Union of Artists and an international fund. In 2006 he was educated at the Faculty of Painting, Moscow State Pedagogical University. Lenin in Moscow. Since the 80s he has been a participant in personal, international, group exhibitions. His paintings are in private collections around the world: in the USA, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Britain, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, China, Sweden, etc.

1979 – studied at the art school.
In 2006 – graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. Lenin, faculty of painting.
Since 1980 I have participated in many solo and group exhibitions.


  • Member of the Russian Art Union

Selected solo exhibitions:

1999 – Personal exhibition in the central exhibition hall “Solntsevo”.
1995 – Gallery “Moscow Fine Art”, Moscow.
1988 – Gallery “Mir”, Moscow.
1985 – Exhibition at the House of Culture AZLK.

Selected group exhibitions:

  • 1992 – Group exhibition in Hanau, Germany.
  • 1993 – All-Russian Gallery Exhibition, Central House of Artists “Start”, Moscow.
  • 1997 – Christmas Exhibition at the Central House of Artists of Moscow.
  • Since 2000 – participant of group exhibitions in the galleries “Kitay-Gorod”, “Flute”; Central House of Arts (Moscow).