Elisabeth Serdechnikova ( Artweta)

Elisabeth Serdechnikova ( Artweta)

Artist, clothing designer.

Graduated from the Moscow University of Design and Technology.

Elizabeth is a participant in numerous Russian and international exhibition projects, represented in online galleries in Russia, America and Europe.

The artist’s work can be divided into 2 branches: abstract painting and seascape.

Elizabeth is attracted to working with acrylic, as with the most environmentally friendly material, each time discovering its new properties and techniques of work, the main thing is to work with color and composition.

The main thing for her is the creation of not just a picture, but an Art object belonging to a certain space.

The artist is inspired by moments of life and gives preference to experimental forms of abstract art. Each work is filled with its own philosophical meaning, and coming up with a name is a special ritual performed immediately after the creation of the work.

Creating a work can take from a few minutes to several days, months, but they are united by one thing – to transmit to people the love and joy of every moment of life.


  • member of the Eurasian Art Union
  • winner of the St. Petersburg Art Week 2020 in the Experimental Forms nomination,
  • winner Watercolorium 2020 in the Water Element nomination,
  • finalist of the Talent of Russia Competition 2021

Art residence and art fairs:


  • August-September, “Your View of the World” Art Cave, Dienerstasse, 7, Zürich
  • August-September, Artfuture Gallery, Moscow, Varshavskoe shosse, 97
  • May 2021 “Spring Awakening”, International Exhibition “SKOLKOVO Plaza ArtShow”
  • May “Sea Dream”, Moscow, Russian Peace Fund, 10/2 Prechistinka
  • March-April 2021 “Watching the Earthlings”, A. Barteniev gallery “Here” on Taganka.
  • March 2021-Russian Art Prize, Moscow House of Artists.
  • January 2021- Talent of Russia, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Ilyinka, d4
  • November 2020 – Russian Art Week, Moscow, Danilovsky Congress Hall, 71/5 Dubininskaya Street.
  • September 2020 – exhibition of the gallery “Artalebrio”, Moscow, “My best work”, Smolenskaya, 10
  • August 2020- “St. Petersburg Art Week”
  • August-October 2020 – exhibition “Kryukrinoksy”, gallery “Here on Taganka”, Moscow, curator A. Bartenev.
  • July 2020- All-Russian Festival “New Names”. EC “Art Box”, Moscow, organizer “Artbulvar
  • June 2020 – competition “Animal planet”, Artalebrio.com
  • June 2020 – international competition of the Ministry of Agriculture “Aquarelium”, Moscow
  • March 2020 W&P gallery, Moscow