Maria fon Pushental

Maria fon Pushental

I was born in Moscow in a family of architects. An architect

in the third generation, I have been drawing since birth. I have been graduated from the art school and the Moscow Architectural Institute.

I declared myself as a Symbolist artist in 2021.

Symbolist artist. The purpose of creativity: to tell the viewer the true and hidden meanings that have surrounded humanity throughout the centuries-old history, to teach to think and comprehend the signs originating in philosophy, mysticism, religion, history and their transformation at different levels of awareness, to better understand the process.


  • Member of the Eurasian Art Union
  • Winner of the Russian Art Prize 2021

Арт резиденции и арт ярмарки:

  • Interview with arts and fashion tv in connection with the opening and participation of the Sputnik exhibition in the art future gallery and the state corporation Roscosmos.
  • Performance based on the series «Fairy Tales» The creation of a Storyteller.
  • Interview with Moscow 24 tv Chanel
  • Interview Moscow online internet Chanel
  • The publication Our Moscow region newspaper


  • Коллективная выставка в Галерее-студии 82, 2021
  • Russian Art Week, awarded a diploma of the 2nd degree, for the series «Isolation».
  • Arts and Fashion Week Awarded a diploma, a certificate and the title of Artist of the Year.
  • ArtFutureGallery certificate of the participant.
  • Participant of the zen art exhibition.
  • Gallery of the Moscow Union of Artists together with the Eurasian Union of Artists first place in the exhibition “pesomania”
  • Gallery Cairo Egypt Certificate of the participant.
  • Art Cave Zurich Certificate of the participant.