Nikita Lytkin

Nikita Lytkin

Hey! My name is Nikita Lytkin and I am a surrealist. And don’t throw stones right away – turn on your tolerance! Surrealists are also a minority, even an endangered species, I would say. Well Bosch, Dali, Kiriko in between. You may know a couple more, but you can still count them on your fingers. And after all, the majority is already that. Not saved! I would be glad if my paintings bring you some positive emotions.

He began to draw only at the institute, drawing out notes with funny and mysterious illustrations. After finishing several art classes, I read a bunch of books on culture and realized that I am a surrealist.

The plots and characters of my works are not invented on purpose, but transferred directly from the unconscious. These are scraps of dreams, images of events that never happened.

What inspires me
I am inspired by everything, news feeds, people, bright emotions.
I like to convey the ideas and humor of today through the prism of images that are understandable to everyone.

Acrylic, pastel, alcohol markers


Art residence and art fairs:


  • Gallery Studio 82, Moscow, Russia, 2021
  • Here on Taganka, Moscow, Russia, 2021
  • Art and fashion Week, Moscow, Russia, 2021