Nikolay Mikhailov

Nikolay Mikhailov

Mikhailov Nikolai was born in the city of Novgorod (now Veliky Novgorod).

I live in Noginsk.

I have been familiar with creativity since the age of 15, when I began to write poetry.

Published in all literary collections of LITO “The Third Way” (also because I am one of its creators), laureate of the international literary competition “Star Word” in 2015 (2nd and 3rd places in two nominations), published in poetry collections of LITO “Lyra “The city of Noginsk.

In my works I visualize my poems plus everything else that can come to my mind (and everything happens there).

Music and women are inspired) Plus mysticism, cyberpunk, fairy tales, history of religion, rituals and spells of the peoples of the world, and, in principle, all this crazy but a very interesting life.

The style of work is a mixture of pop art, abstraction, and also naive. I call it spacefayrytalecyberpunk art because all the stories depicted on the canvases take place in different parts of the boundless outer space.

Because space symbolizes for me the endless fantasy of man, and vice versa)

Because there is no limit to perfection, which means the path will be infinitely interesting, which delivers non-illusory.

And this is a great reason to move on. For each of us.


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  • Gallery-studia 82, Moscow, Russia 2021