Tatyana Malygina

Tatyana Malygina

Tatiana Malygina is a contemporary artist from Moscow.

She was born in Ukraine, but spent most of her life in the Far North, in the snowy Norilsk. Therefore, her works represent an explosive mixture of southern temperament, placed in the grip of the strict framework of the harsh north.

Artist Tatyana Malygina creates abstract paintings in which she seeks to form not only a visual image, but also to reflect her emotions and feelings. In her works, she chooses certain colors that are painted with a meaning she understands.

The viewer can only guess: whether it is the reflections of the icy fire of the northern lights, or the February blizzard that whirled in a strange dance, or maybe the twilight of a frosty April evening, when it already smells a little of spring.

In any case, life, energy and movement are always felt in the artist’s paintings.

In her works, Tatiana refers to traditional and familiar materials that are in a phase of transformation, which ultimately leads to the birth of a new aesthetics and new materiality.

It is safe to say that all of Tatyana Malygina’s paintings are unique, because the technique in which the artist works is completely protected from copying. The fact is that it is not possible to repeat the same picture.

Unique paintings by Tatyana Malygina are very often chosen for their collections by bright and outstanding people.


Art residence and art fairs:


  • Gallery Studio 82, Moscow, Russia, 2021
  • Moscow Art House, Russia, 2021