Vera Zvyagina

Vera Zvyagina

Place of residence: St. Petersburg
My creative path is built from the depths of my kind.
I am a 5th generation artist. My grandfather painted pictures in his old count’s estate of the Bryanchaninovs (on my mother’s side) in the Pskov region.
Many were destroyed and lost during the revolution, when the estate was dispossessed, but one survived and was inherited by me.
My mission is great – to continue the artist’s path in a modern interpretation. So that particles of our heirloom adorn houses all over the world! And I could pass on my knowledge, skills and talent to my children and grandchildren. My goal is the pride of our descendants for our surname.
Since childhood, I studied at an art school, participated in various exhibitions, and studied additionally individually with an artist.
After high school, I entered the College of Fashion and Design. And then she graduated from higher education in the professions: tailor, costume designer.
Throughout my life I have studied art in various directions.
At the moment I am painting modern paintings in the style of abstraction and pop Art (Modern nesting dolls)
She took a course in abstract painting (acrylic / ink) with Alexander Roshchin in 2016.
What inspires me?
I am inspired by modern interiors that I can decorate with my paintings. I also see inspiration in my city and architecture! Gray St. Petersburg in contrast with palaces of gold and stucco. I also feel energy in lines and brevity. First it is meditation – and then it pours out into the movement of colors and graphics.
Matryoshka is a symbol of the mother that contains the whole family. Modern mothers now follow fashion and style, dress in brands and look their best! And I decided to display this on my canvases. Patriotic and in the spirit of the times.

I have a strong biofield, and all this is felt in my works.


Art fairs:


  • 2021 – Exhibition “Mix”, gallery-studio 82, Moscow, publication in the catalog