Vladimir Galat

Vladimir Galat

Date of birth: 1981, Khadyzhensk
Place of residence: Vyktule city


From childhood he painted, sculpted, cut out, burned out. Life went on as usual – work, family, periodic sketches on paper.

In 2013, I had an accident – a double fracture of my left hand and loss of a phalanx of the thumb.

A lot of operations, iron inside the bones. Long-term rehabilitation, recovery.

Everything would be fine, but I’m left-handed. I tried to draw with my right hand, but I couldn’t.

With great difficulty, I began to develop my left hand, I remembered that I hadn’t drawn for a long time, so I began to paint in oil.

Thus, I came to myself through pain. Since then, when I have free time, I take a brush and paint.

What inspires

Vladimir’s paintings are puzzles to which you want to return more and more. Riddles, famous phrases and sayings, allegories and alliterations seem to be sewn into canvases. Examining and solving them, you get additional pleasure. There is not a single superfluous or “silent” detail.

Vladimir’s work is filled with vivid emotions, symbols and images. Each work is like a collage, consisting of several motives and stories.

Vladimir’s works will adorn your collection.

In some works, one feels internally transferred grief and pain, but this makes the work infinitely valuable and personal.

As Vladimir himself says: “My work is human emotions that haunt all people. My art is mainly for those who want to understand themselves. “


Art fairs:


  • 2021 – Exhibition “Mix”, gallery-studio 82, Moscow, publication in the catalog
  • Art Fashion Week, 2021, Moscow, Russia