The selection of paintings is a modern service that helps you understand if a work of art suits you and your interior.

We have a huge base of artists and sculptors, designers, ceramists and we can decorate almost any interior.

We will select works from what is already in stock or we will bring them to order. We will arrange delivery for a free fitting and advise on all issues on the spot.

How to order a selection of art and decor?

Write to us on WhatsApp or use the feedback form.

The search for objects of art and decor is one of the most crucial stages in the implementation of a project, the final appearance of the interior will depend on it. Our recommendation is to start a design project with the selection of art.

Send us photos or renderings of the interior

We will carefully study the submitted materials, our consultants will find out in detail your preferences in style and color scheme, as well as your wishes regarding the amount of work and the estimated cost.

Within 2-3 working days, we will prepare and send you collages (visualizations) with prices and descriptions of work, taking into account all your wishes, by mail.

The moment has come to get acquainted with the works

If all the works are available, we will gladly bring them for fitting or invite you to get acquainted with them in our gallery.

If the works you like are not in Moscow, we will arrange prompt delivery.

We can also help you with the selection and registration of works.

You can apply for selection

    We can bring work to your home, cottage or office to save you time.

    In our gallery there is a service “Fitting pictures”.

    Process steps:

    1. You choose paintings on our website.

    You can do any work in any quantity by simply adding them to your cart. Do not forget to indicate in the comment field that you would like to try them on live, because the paintings should be viewed in the interior.

    We will contact you and discuss the address, details, wishes, terms and dates, and most importantly, the availability of paintings, not all paintings are available in the gallery, many are with the artists, but we will deliver them to you without any problems.

    2. We bring the selected paintings to your home, office, hotel or cottage (near Moscow).

    Together with your family and friends, you will be able to see the picture live, ask all questions, discuss and make a decision on the spot (or leave work for 1-3 days at your place with the condition of an advance payment).

    3. Call your family or friends.

    Consult, discuss. Ask us questions, we will be happy to answer!

    4. In Moscow, trying on paintings is free, in the region the service costs 5,000 rubles.

    To leave a request for fitting, go to the page of the picture you like and click the “Bring for fitting” button.

    Or you can leave a request for fitting

      Painting is exactly that bright and modern gift that will cause a storm of emotions and gratitude.

      When choosing a picture as a gift, you need to take into account many nuances: taste, interests, age, hobbies, situation and level of acquaintance, cost and expected effect of the gift.

      Usually people close to each other, friends, spouses, work partners, relatives think about handing over pictures. Often, the chosen plot is associated with a specific story and carries an unambiguous message from the donor. Also, the picture can be presented to your boss, colleague or for an anniversary.

      Yes, choosing a painting as a gift is not easy, but with us you will succeed perfectly!

      How does Studio 82 select a picture as a gift?

      1. First, we will ask you to provide us with additional information, without which the process of selecting pictures becomes meaningless. Namely:

      How old is the person for whom we are choosing a gift?

      What is he doing (occupation) or hobbies (hobby)?

      Is the gift budget important? If so, what are the frameworks?

      Do you know the tastes of the donee?

      Situation and circumstances of the gift (dates and dates)

      2. Further, based on these data, we prepare a selection of possible paintings with thematic selections of paintings and add our comments – why, in our opinion, this particular painting is appropriate in this case as a gift.

      You just have to choose the right one.

      3. After the choice is made, we will gift-wrap the painting for free, issue a certificate of authenticity and deliver the painting to the desired address.

      You can pick up a painting as a gift

        Gallery Studio 82 has a huge database of artists who are ready to carry out work to order.

        We offer portraits, copies of famous masters or any custom-made work.

        Please specify your wishes, size of work and terms, we will definitely find something for you.

        Delivery of work in Moscow is free of charge, in the Moscow region of 5000 rubles, sending to the region is calculated based on the distance according to the tariffs of EMC (urgent delivery service of the remains of the Russian Post)

        You can order a painting

          Gallery Studio 82 hosts master classes in painting for children and adults, do not miss the opportunity to learn how to draw from professionals.

          Including bilingual master-classes, there are teachers who speak English.

          Classes are held daily, you can sign up and find out the conditions